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Eastern Caribbean

A deep-layered ridge pattern became the dominant feature after initial weak surface to low-level instability triggered some scattered light to moderate morning showers, across Barbados and the region. BMS radar depicted numerous smaller echoes during the day after the much larger ones which brought those showers. Similar conditions were observed across the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

Over the Guianas, a ridge pattern ensured coastal areas observed mostly fair skies while over the extreme southern interior regions recorded cloudy skies with isolated showers and thunderstorms as a result of low level convergence.

Winds across the region were moderate to breezy peaking around 22 knots, with gust of 30 knots in St. Lucia and 28knots in Grenada. Sea conditions were moderate in open water with swells peaking near 2.5m. Small craft operators and beachgoers should exercise caution.
Western Caribbean

A frontal boundary which closely flanked a surface to low trough were both enhanced by a mid to upper level jet today. This generated cloudy skies with some scattered showers and light rain across the Bahamas and sections of eastern and central Cuba. A surface to low level confluent pattern triggered occassional cloudiness and scattered showers across Hispaniola. Elsewhere, a deep layered ridge pattern was dominant and mostly fair to partly cloudy skies prevailed.
Eastern Caribbean Outlook

Tonight: A deep-layered ridge pattern will be the dominant feature across Barbados and the eastern Caribbean. Despite this, surface to low-level pertubations embedded within the north-easterly flow of the ridge will create a measure of instability which is likely to trigger light to moderate scattered showers across the region.

Barbados forecast Max/Min Temps: 26/22.

Tuesday: No significant change in the overall synoptic pattern as the ridge pattern will remain dominant. Low level pertubations will continue to traverse the chain, particularly during daylight hours, while model data indicates a reduction in shower activity into the night.

Barbados forecast Max/Min Temps: 29/23.

Wednesday: A weak low-level trough will be affecting the region. hence light to moderate showers under partly cloudy to cloudy skies are anticipated. A slackened pressure gradient will result in reduced surface wind speeds. In addition, differing concentrations of dust haze will be affecting the region for the remainder of the forecast period.

Barbados forecast Max/Min Temps: 29/24.

Thursday: A weak low-level trough will continue to affect the region as majority of the unsettled weather is forecast to affect the Leeward islands. Scattered light to moderate showers under occasionally cloudy skies are expected.

Barbados forecast Max/Min Temps: 29/24.

Friday: The aforementioned low-level trough will weaken, as the ridge pattern rebuilds across the island chain. However, lingering low level moisture will trigger a few showers across the northern Leewards. Elsewhere, mainly fair conditions will prevail.

Barbados forecast Max/Min Temps: 29/24.
Western Caribbean Outlook

Tonight: Model data suggest the stationary front will maintain partly cloudy to cloudy skies across central and southern Bahamas, as well as sections of Cuba overnight. Improved weather conditions will prevail across the northern Bahamas as a more stable air mass moves over the area. Elsewhere, a deep layered ridge pattern will allow for mostly fair weather conditions across Hispaniola and the remainder of the basin.

Tuesday: A shearline will develop, replacing the stationary front affecting the central Bahamas and sections of Cuba. Cloudy skies and scattered light to moderate showers are expected. In addition, surface to low level confluence will generate partly cloudy skies, scattered showers and occasional rain across Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Wednesday: The aforementioned shearline will shift south-easterly bringing unsettled weather across the southern Bahamas and Hispaniola. A slackened pressure gradient will allow for reduced surface wind speeds, partly resulting in a longer duration of shower activity across the area. In contrast, a surface to mid level ridge pattern will be affecting the western Caribbean, as mainly fair weather will prevail.

Thursday: The shear line will gradually exit the region. Just a few scattered showers under partly cloudy skies are expected across the western Caribbean as a deep layered ridge pattern regains dominance.

Friday: No significant change to the previous day is forecast across the western Caribbean.
Published: 6 pm Mon 18 Jan 2021
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